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I recently had permanent lipstick and permanent eyeliner done at Epidermis. I had both procedures done in the same day by Fran. The whole process took roughly four hours from appointment check in to aftercare information. The tattooing was tolerable, If I felt uncomfortable at any point Fran would stop what she was doing to apply more numbing cream. I opted to get the eyeliner after my lips were complete and Fran obliged me even though I hadn't intended on getting my eyes done. I certainly felt I was in good hands as I pressed on to get the second procedure. Both my lips and eyes came out fantastic. I have small lips and Fran managed to give them the subtle definition that makes all the difference. They have a natural fleshy color and contour. My eyes have a thin line very close to the lash line that makes them pop. I am thoroughly satisfied with my experience and would highly recommend Epidermis. Donna at the front desk is very helpful and this business has grown to provide so many different treatments. Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

(Anonymous, 607 days ago)

I recently had 2 micro needling sessions done within 2 months and already looking forward for my 3rd and final treatment which is recommended during the course of the year. My results were absolutely miraculous especially for my acne scars that I've had for at least 20 years, the results are staggering and I'm still in disbelief. Michelle who is the owner was very professional and very knowledgeable about this procedure and put me at ease. Most guys wouldn't do this kind of stuff so I'm hoping that more men with the same problem will see this. Thanks for making my self confidence be better than it ever was with bright lights on. Thanks again!!

(Anonymous, 671 days ago)

I did the prp facial because there was such a buzz about the Kim Kardashian facial. Lets face itů.Kim is gorgeous. And I would not mind one bit looking like her. So after doing some careful research, I contacted Epidermis Anti Aging Center and behold, they did offer this treatment. It was so worth it. If I could post my before and after photos here, I would! I believe I truly look great now. My treatment took about 45 to 50 minutes. I really do have fewer lines and wrinkles now, and I know that my face has a better tone to it. I also feel that I glow now, which I have never felt before. I would recommend this procedure it is so worth it. It really has changed my skin tone and texture. Kathy and Michelle are an amazing team!!! Thank you ladies!

(Anonymous, 781 days ago)

It has taken me way to long to come back and write a review for these amazing woman at Epidermis. They made me feel right at home for my first visit and calmed and anxiety I had over getting the permanent make up done to my eyebrows. I have suffered alopecia for many years and with that came hair loss of my eyebrows. I had been penciling them in very finely for years and overall was very insecure about myself and the way I looked for a long time. After the first application she had let me know due to the fact that I had no eyebrows and I had a darker colored brow that I was definitely going to need touch ups and to not be discouraged after it initially healed. She let me know that in the follow up visit she would take care of any concerns and areas I wanted. The healing process was fine just sore and some peeling. They were very faint, uneven and and needed touch ups. I went back for my next visit and she spent over an hour making them exactly the way I wanted. My eyebrows are AMAZING! I cannot say enough for what this has done for my self esteem. I have confidence I did not have for many years. You do not realize what a big part eyebrows can take until they frame your face perfectly. Thank you ladies for your great empathy and work! I will definitely be going back for touch ups next year.

(Kayla T., 1,138 days ago)

I love Michlle and Donna they are very accommodating and want to make sure you are satisfied with your treatment. I had Vi Peel and Michelle kept in touch through the whole process and you can ask her or Donna questions anytime.I love peel and going to buy the hydrating serum it makes my skin feel very moist.

(Ellen S., 1,154 days ago)

I had an Anti Aging Peel last week with Michelle to get rid of my summer skin....WOW!!! I look amazing. LOVE MY SKIN. Thank you so much Michelle!!

(Anonymous, 1,174 days ago)

Cannot say enough about my experience at Epidermis, but even more so with Michelle!!!! I went in for facial irritation issues-Michelle took interest in the underlying causes with my skin and after my microderm abrasion gave me a "treat" with the crystal light bed. Even if only for 1 hour Michelle made me feel DE-stressed and more than just a client. I cannot wait to go back!!!!

(Loren M., 1,179 days ago)

"I had back pain for some years and tried different things, that did not work so well. After a few healing sessions , I really feel a difference and it has been a few weeks now since I did not have that sort of pain anymore. Additionally the allergies I used to have are gone too. I think it has been a very good experience for me and I will definitely come back again if I have any sort of pain/health problem.It really made a difference!" James K

(Anonymous, 1,600 days ago)

I just recently went in for the Crystal Bed Healing. I will say I was skeptical in the whole process, I mean how can flickering lights help heal you in anyway?! Well I had this amazing experience on that bed, needing to gather my thoughts after and thinking what just happened! It is definitely something I would recommend to anyone just looking for some sort of change/guidance in their life. The staff was very welcoming and talked about what you might experience and they made you feel very comfortable. I can't wait to go back!!!

(Anonymous, 1,607 days ago)

Hi Michele. I just found out that my lung nodule shrank by half. This was after treatment stopped. Drs say maybe they were inflammation but surprised because it was fairly large for the short time it grew. So it was either that or who knows.....maybe the two times seeing you helped.

(Anonymous, 1,607 days ago)

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