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It's been just over two weeks since my first John of God Chystal Chakra Healing session at Epidermis Healing Center in Winthop, MA. I have much to share. It was a warm and affirming experience on many levels...beginning with a reconnection with beautiful friend Michelle Cataldo Favaloro and arriving at a healing within myself. I had no idea what to expect. I felt anticipation as I was led into a serene room - it felt zen. I was made to feel quite comfortable by Patrick, who was facilitating. Soon I was settled on the table with a pillow, headphones and amazing music, a soft eye mask and a light blanket. I held two of my own crystals in each hand to receive and carry the healing energy home with me. I was guided to focus on stating my intentions and ask for what I am sought to receive. Being a practicing meditator, I quickly slipped into my zone focusing on my intentions. As I did, I was flooded with emotion and became sad and teary...and as this progressed into a swirling of thoughts...I heard my inner voice say that it felt good to acknowledge those feelings so that I could let go of them to create space for other more positive intentions. My first letting go. A self realization. I asked for love, my soulmate, healing, guidance, connection. What followed in my consciousness was a series of imagery, thoughts, feelings and self dialogue. I remember taking a quick curious peeking at the crystal chakra lights and being awed by their intense beauty. At some point, the next thing I remember was color- bright white and yellow orbs swirling until I only saw a band of purple. What was this significance? Then, I saw a white elephant I was amazed by this... could it really be? This a major sign of self affirming that I'm on the right path...this knowing soon cemented when I next saw a beautiful butterfly flutter from the elephant right across my minds eye! I think might be when the tears morphed to smiles. Butterflies symbolize change. Soon I saw images of an older and younger woman? Was this me? Was this my grandma and me? Was this a regression? Numerous and random thoughts circulate not all questions answered.. Then, it happened. I felt an unmistakeable heaviness ...pressing down over my whole body. It immobilized me and I clearly remember the feeling of being stuck, something holding me back. More swirling thoughts around that. Focus on your intentions I told myself. I don't know how long after that, I felt a shift.. energy begins moving, again the swirling, the heaviness flowing, first just as something moving...then energy moving top down to bottom flowing right through me... and then- whoosh! it whooshed out of my body...right out through my feet! Whoah!!! This I KNEW was a major letting go....the crystal chakra healing had opened me, guided me and led me toward a greater self understanding -and sense of hopefulness. I'm so content with that. So, here I am, two weeks later, still remembering this experience in my minds eye the swirling thoughts and feelings...and arriving at my own self understanding that I am on track in my life for positive shifts and progression toward whomever whatever and wherever it is I am heading. And as important receptive to the same heading toward me. An amazing experience that I clearly gleaned a lot from and I'm so open to all that my next session might reveal.... Hanna

(Anonymous, 1,617 days ago)

After having a crystal healing session, I feel more joyous, able to quickly release negative emotions and I have been given a completely new and exciting direction in my career path and life purpose. Thank you LT

(Anonymous, 1,625 days ago)

The Crystal Healing bed was recommended to me by my sister who is an esthetician. I am also an esthetician and have studied Reiki. I made an appointment for my grandmother and myself not knowing what to expect. I was hoping to clear all my Chakras and reduce anxiety and stress. What I received was so much more. I instantly felt the positivity walking in to Epidermis and Co, as Michelle, Donna and Patrick had such an welcoming and friendly energy about them.(making me think to myself, "I wish there were more people like this around me everyday in this world!") Laying on the bed....I felt full of anxiety not knowing what to expect. It soon went away as I felt warmth and a sense of peace come over me. I had lost any concept of time and space. I have never experienced such a personal religious/spirtual experience. I feel so blessed! It was truly a gift! I must say that I received what I thought I needed and then some!!! Many Thanks to all of you! S

(Anonymous, 1,626 days ago)

I have to say it was great! I went in with so much anxiety after a really awful breakup and have had anxiety my whole life... It felt as if the anxiety was being pulled out of me.. When it was all over I felt better but I still wasn't 100% Michelle gave me some crystals to take home and had me write on a paper and she would burn it later that night ... Around 10pm that night I took a deep breath in and out and I swear to you I felt better .. Strange thing! Worth every penny JC

(Anonymous, 1,626 days ago)

After my appointment, my major issue was with my stomach, bloating, pains , No pains no bloating after dinner tonight Kim

(Anonymous, 1,626 days ago)

I had a John of God Crystal Healing Session at this place . I must say it changed my life. I have found my inner peace and I also have no pain in my lower back any longer. I can't explain it in words as to what happened during my session...but I definitely had a healing. I already booked another treatment. Thank you so much for changing my life!

(Anonymous, 1,629 days ago)

I've had really bad acne from as far back as I can remember. The scarring is horrible and it's really affected my self esteem. I've tried 7 dermatologists, and have been prescribed topical ointments, antibiotics and even Accutane. Nothing has worked. I started going to Michelle as one final and last resort, about 6 months ago. I knew from the moment I met her she knew her stuff and could probably be the one to finally help me. With a series of Vita Peel treatments I can honestly say that this is the first time I can SEE a noticeable difference in my skin. We have a little ways to go, as it is a process, but I've felt so confident and so beautiful since I started working with Michelle. I will be getting married and I FINALLY feel like I will have great skin on the day of my wedding. (something I've always dreaded and feared with my bad skin) Donna is absolutely amazing, and so friendly and accommodating. They make a great team. I am so grateful I found them.

(Michelle B., 1,739 days ago)

After a long time of trying to shape and fill in my eyebrows,I decided to have them permanently done!I went to Epidermis and Co.after asking around who would be really grat at it and I was directed to Michelle at Epidermis. My husband was so happy with the fact that he would no longer have to wait an hour and a half while I tried to get my eyebrows straight. That he paid for the procedure!!! It was one of the BEST things I have done!! My makeup time is slashed in half! They look natural and the color Michelle used was perfect for my skin coloring! She took her time ,stopping to show me the progress as she did the work and it was a mutual collabaration. If you are having the same issues as I had? You really should have a consultation with Michelle! You will love the results! Donna and Michelle are very easy to work with. I recomend her clinic highly. I will be going back in the Fall for some oth procedures as well! Paula

(Anonymous, 1,761 days ago)

I am very impressed with Donna and Michelle at Epidermis in Winthrop. They make you feel welcomed and comfortable. Michelle has been shaping my eyebrows and they are finally perfect. I recommend this shop to anyone who cares about great service.

(Anonymous, 1,768 days ago)

I have had three treatments at Epidermis (all done by Michelle) and I couldn't be happier. I had two microdermabrasions and, recently, a Vitamin peel. I'm 49 years old and my skin looks like it did when I was in my 20's...so soft and pretty much flawless. Michelle is extremely knowledgeable and only suggests services that are needed. I am going back for permanent make-up. Thank you Epidermis!

(Carol B., 1,885 days ago)

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